The Rise of Social Ecommerce

When I was considering opening a store for my organic cotton business, my mentor and business advisor shook her head signaling she was not in favor of my plan to open an actual brick and mortar store. She then proceeded to explain to me how anyone who would think of such an endeavor was seriously misinformed about the advantages of operating a virtual store in the booming cyberspace of the internet. She also pointed out to me that in the current economy this decision could lead to complete financial ruin and smash my hopes and dreams of owning my own business and becoming an entrepreneur.

With the rise of social commerce the advantages of operating a virtual storefront business has become the preferred method of creating a successful business paradigm. Social media has been able to reach thousands if not millions of potential customers by virtual word of mouth. As every business person learned in Business 101, the best advertising is word of mouth, or in this case, virtual word of mouth; one friend posting a blog or message about a new product or website they enjoy. Linking your business website to other sites that can contribute to the rise of social ecommerce has become a force never before imagined and can be one of the greatest tools your business can access for virtually free advertising.

Your personal online website is the key to creating a successful business utilizing social media as a platform for your product or service. Your ability to reach an exponential number of customers increases with every social ecommerce posting by a virtual army of new, satisfied customers. As you create your website and blogs using all the current social media available, you are tapping into a network of customers worldwide. Never before has creating and running an ecommerce business been accessible to anyone who owns a computer and has some basic understanding of the World Wide Web.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have allowed us to connect directly to a customer base instantaneously. These social networking sites let us search for new job opportunities that we never would have considered in the past and have allowed us to promote our businesses by giving us a unique platform to promote our good works through the miracle of the internet.